MicroGreens1 MicroGreens2Our specialty house is the place of variety when it comes to salads & herbs!

With over 40 different varieties – everything from broccoli to basil – that we harvest in sizes ranging from micro and up, there’s a flavor, a color, and a texture for every occasion.

We grow individual varieties of micro-greens & herbs, such as arugula & amaranth.

We also grow several standard mixes that include our mixed Micro Greens, Baby & Petite Lettuce, & Petite Power Salad (a mix of greens such as kohlrabi, amaranth, arugula, basil, etc. that are harvested at the petite size).

We grow everything up on tables, water them from underneath & don’t use any animal based products so as to remove as much risk of contamination as possible. We harvest & pack all of our greens the same day, so that it arrives to our customers within 24 hours of when it was picked.

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