The Farmer-Member Pact

Eating is an agricultural act.
– Wendell Berry

First of all, thanks. We appreciate your commitment to certified organic and veganic practices, Michigan’s local economy, sustainability, and to us. We provide this service in order to get our fresh veggies directly to you instead of passing through middlemen along the way. It just makes sense and works out for both of us in the long run. While we’re going to do our best to deliver topnotch boxes, you should understand that guarantees are hard to make in the farming business. That’s why you’re here to help and why we ask that you understand and agree to the following terms.

  • If you’re ever unsatisfied with the box you receive, we’ll either refund the amount or make it up to you in the next FarmBox delivered. Contact us and let’s talk about it.
  • We strive to provide as much botanical diversity in your box each week as possible but cannot assure that all our crops will flourish. Please expect to see items repeated in the Standard FarmBox option (or consider the Custom FarmBox).
  • We cannot guarantee indefinite availability of Web Store items and do our best to inform you when we run out any given week.
  • We use an independent, web-based service called Farmigo to handle member accounts and online ordering. Members are responsible for the information and changes to their orders and account.
  • Any changes to orders (e.g., add-ons, delivery holds) must be made at least 2 days before pick-up so we can make sure we have our pick lists, harvesting, and kitchen ready to go for you. Custom FarmBox orders will always be duplicated from week to week if no new orders are received. Remember that this is a subscription service, but delivery holds can always be placed using your online account.
  • We offer the automated weekly payment option to allow for easy changes and add-ons, and to make billing easier for both of us. At the same time, we are not responsible for overdraft fees or the like – please try to plan for the weekly withdrawals.
  • We guarantee that any personal information will not be sold to a third party. Your payment information will be processed using, a secure payment gateway provider.
  • If you are going on vacation or do not want a FarmBox for whatever reason, you can temporarily suspend your service online (at least 2 days in advance). Otherwise, unless you designate a friend to do the pick up, your box will be donated to the pick-up location by the following day and you will still be charged.
  • You are free to change, suspend, or cancel your membership at anytime. Of course, we’d like to hear about it first so please email us.
  • Make sure to abide by the right pick up locations and times. Search for, handle, and take only the box with your name on it. If there are any problems, please let us know – not the pick up location.
  • We are not responsible for perished goods resulting from a delayed pick up or from a mishandled box (remember to always transport top up). Also keep in mind that our stuff might look a bit different than the grocery store’s; we don’t like it uniform, huge, waxy and “perfect” – hopefully you’ll join us soon enough.
  • Remember that fruits and veggies grow in soil and share that space with other living organisms – especially when toxic pesticides aren’t used. If you find a bug or a bit of dirt in your box, that’s just to remind you where this good stuff comes from.
  • Help us stay green in other ways by reusing our packaging materials. Simply save, break down, and return the boxes to the same locations during your next pick up (there are a couple locations that cannot accept returned boxes).
  • Stay informed. It’s the member’s responsibility to review their online account information, order status, and emails. Always feel free to contact us for anything at all.

Despite the formality of this pact, what we really want is for you to feel more connected to your food, more comfortable with your consumer choices, and closer to your farmer. Just so long as you understand that farming can be a gamble at times and hiccups do occur, we’re going to do our best to make this as smooth a partnership as possible. We sure appreciate your investment in us. Now let’s eat.

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