The Veganic FarmBox

Imagine being able to pick food from your garden year round. That sweet smell of fresh basil, the dripping goodness of a ripe, home grown tomato.There just isn’t anything like it! 

Welcome to our FarmBox program. The culmination of a dream to allow each person (as we grow) in Michigan the privilege of having a piece of our farm garden as your very own.

We grow our produce with the same love and care we would if it was our own garden in our backyard. Each plant, each fruit is carefully cared for from sowing till it arrives at your home.

How the FarmBox Works

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

1You select from our store the products you would like delivered on a weekly basis. Your order can be changed, postponed, or canceled at any time (until, of course, it has been packed and shipped).2Order through our secure servers.
3Pick your order up at one of our drop off locations. Enjoy!

 “Like having your own, personal farm”  –Rachel

rachelanderic_05Our FarmBox is like having your own garden. We strive to grow produce that’s as good as the tomatoes you remember eating from grandpa’s garden. Often the first thing people say when biting into one of our mouthwatering tomatoes or cucumbers is, “Wow, this is so good!”


Good News FarmBox

Sometimes referred to as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), the FarmBox helps create a deeper connection between us the farmers and you the eater.

While the origins, quality and prices of food fluctuate and more farms are absorbed by fewer hands, FarmBox members are making a commitment to their community’s food security, environmental sustainability, and to certified organic produce.

At Good News Farm, we consider ourselves more than just small-scale family farmers. We’re part of a movement. Our operation is certified organic by CCOF/USDA because it’s better for the land and better for your body.

Our use of veganic growing practices (animal-product free), a biomass boiler system, and locally sourced fuel and fertilizers make for a remarkably sustainable operation. And now the FarmBox delivery system allows you to get a taste of this movement firsthand.

How it works (in detail)

FarmBoxes are delivered each week to different pick-up locations. In other words, this is a subscription service, but you are able to place delivery holds for any given week. After you determine the best pick-up location, you’ll need to choose your box preference. While variations are countless, there are two general options.

The Standard FarmBox: The contents of this option will be determined by us depending on season and availability. The only initial decisions you make are box size and optional items to add from our Web Store. Expect between 7-9 or 9-12 varieties each week in the small ($22) and large ($30) options respectively.

The Custom FarmBox: This option allows you to build a box from scratch using items from our Web Store. We ask that you build up to a minimum of $22 (same cost as the small Standard FarmBox). Your Custom FarmBox will then be delivered to your pick-up location every week.


Payments are easy. Through our secure server, we accept most debit/credit cards. With the automated weekly payment plan, you’ll be able to make changes to your orders whenever you want and we won’t have to bug you too much with payment reminders. Payments are processed once the FarmBox is delivered.

More Info

Feel free to browse our Web Store to see what your FarmBox might contain each week. We’ve also created a Frequently Asked Questions page with some more in-depth answers to some of the more common questions. Many additional questions will be answered upon reading our Farmer-Member Pact. These terms outline our farm policy and must be read thoroughly and accepted as a new member.

If you’re still undecided and want to talk to somebody here at the farm, by all means we welcome your emails. Go to our Contact Us page for more information. Otherwise, if you’re ready to join, click the “FarmBox Signup” button below and refer to the Signup Instructions found in our FAQ page for help along the way.

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